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About DiD

DiD, also known as DiIC18(5), is a lipophilic carbocyanine dye often used in fluorescence microscopy to label the cell surface, trace neuronal axons or, upon fixation, any lipid bound compartment. This probe has an excitation peak at 645 nm and an emission peak at 668 nm.


Dyes similar to DiD based on emission

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Alexa Fluor 647 APC ATTO 647 ATTO 647N BactoView Live Red Brilliant Blue 660-P2 BDY 650-X SE BODIPY 650/665 Brilliant Ultraviolet 661 Calcein Deep Red AM CellBrite Fix 640 CellBrite Red CellBrite Steady 650 CellMask Deep Red Plasma Membrane Stain CellROX Deep Red CellTrace Far Red CellVue Maroon CellVue Plum CF640R CF647 CF647ST CF650 Chromeo 642 CoraLite Plus 647 CPN680 Red Cy5 Cyanine 5 SE Cyanine 647 CypHer5E DY-520XL DY-521XL DyLight 649 DyLight 650 Dyomics 647 eFluor 660 eFluor 670 Cell Proliferation ER-ID Red ExoBrite 640/660 EV Membrane Stain Flash Phalloidin NIR 647 FluoProbes647H FLUX 640 FLUX 647 Fura Red AM (Ca2+bound) Fura Red AM (Ca2+free) FVS660 HiLyte 647 iFluor 647 IRDye 650 iRFP 670 Janelia Fluor 646 LipidSpot 610 Live/Dead Fix Far Red Live-or-Dye 640/662 LysoView 633 LysoView 640 MaxLight 650 MemBrite Fix 640/660 MemBrite Fix ST 650/665 MitoView 650 NeuroVue Maroon Nile Blue NirFP NovaFluor Blue 660 / 120S NovaFluor Blue 660 / 40S NovaFluor Red 660 NovaFluor Yellow 660 NucSpot 640 NucSpot Far-Red Oyster 650 SureLight P3 PE-Alexa 647 PE-Cy5 PE-Dyomics 647 PerCP PhenoVue 641 Mitochondrial Stain PhenoVue Fluor 647 PhenoVue Fluor 647 Live Cell PhenoVue ROS-670, Total Oxidative Stress Indicator PromoFluor 647P ReadiLink 647-674 ROS-ID Red RPE-CF647T Seta-650-NHS Seta-PerCP-680 Seta-R-PE-670 STAR 635 StarBright Blue 675 StarBright UltraViolet 665 StarBright Violet 670 StarBright Yellow 665 STAR RED SureLight APC SureLight PE Cyanine 5.0 SureLight PerCP Thiazole Red Homodimer TO-Pro 3 TOTO-3 Tri-Color TSA Vivid 650 Vio667 VioBright 667 VivaFix 649/660