eFluor 670 Cell Proliferation Dye Profile


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About eFluor 670 Cell Proliferation

eFluorâ„¢ 670 (eF670) Cell Proliferation is a red-emitting organic dye that can be excited by the 633 nm red laser and collected using a 660/20 nm bandpass filter. eFluor 670 has an excitation peak at 633 nm and an emission peak at 670 nm, and is a suitable for use in flow cytometry and fluroescent microscopy to monitor individual cell divisions. This dye binds to any cellular protein containing primary amines, and is then distributed equally as cells divide. Successive halving of the fluorescence intensity can be visualised for up to 6 generations. This dye is part of the larger eFluor dye family, developed by eBioscience which is now part of ThermoFisher Scientific.