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About Brilliant Ultraviolet 563

Brilliant UltraViolet™ 563 (BUV563) is a green-emitting tandem fluorophore that combines BD Horizon™ BUV395 and an acceptor dye. It can be excited by the 355 nm ultraviolet laser and collected using a 585/15 bandpass filter. BUV563 has an excitation peak at 498 nm and an emission peak at 560 nm BUV563 has a medium relative brightness, and is most commonly used for multicolor flow cytometry. This dye is part of the Brilliant UltraViolet dye family, developed and sold by BD Biosciences. This family of dyes uses BUV396 as the donor so that all dyes in the family can be excited by the 355 nm ultraviolet laser. Depending on the acceptor, the dyes in this family have different relative brightness ratings.