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About MemBrite Fix 543/560

Biotium’s MemBrite Fix and Membrite Fix-ST dyes are cell surface staining dyes that irreversibly react with cell surface proteins to stain the outer membrane. A great benefit to these dyes is that MemBrite Fix dyes can withstand fixation and permeabilization which allows extracellular staining to be combined with intracellular staining techniques. Additionally, the MemBrite Fix-ST dyes (and MemBrite Fix 680/700) are compatible with super resolution microscopy and imaging techniques such as STORM. This dye line shares similarities with Biotium’s CellBrite line, but there are a few key differences. CellBrite Fix stains are easy to use and require a single staining step while MemBrite Fix dyes require a two-step staining protocol. While ease of use is important, MemBrite Fix and Membrite Fix-ST dyes have more colors to choose from and they do not associate with lipids in the membrane which leads to lower cytoplasmic background after permeabilization.