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About Qdot 565

Qdot™ 565 is a yellow-orange-emitting nanocrystal based fluorochrome that can be excited by lasers from 350 nm to 525 nm and collected using any filter designed to capture light from TRITC, such as a 585/42 bandpass filter. Qdot™ 565 has an excitation maximum of around 300 nm and an emission maximum of 565 nm. Due to its unique excitation spectrum, not many dyes have identical excitation and emission spectrums, but the nearest alternatives include Brilliant Violet™ 570, TRITC, and eFluor 565NC. Qdot™ 565 exhibits a very high level of brightness and high photostability in buffer. It is compatible with many applications, but it works particularly well for imaging, flow cytometry, and other applications to detect low abundance targets or with multiplexing. This dye is part of the Qdot™ line of fluorochromes that all have similar excitation curves, with single sharp emission peaks that make multiplexing these dyes while exciting with one laser easy.