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About NovaFluor Blue 610 / 30S

The NovaFluor family of fluorescent polymers from Thermo Fisher Scientific are a novel reagent for traditional and spectral flow cytometry. These fluorophores are comprised of a DNA backbone polymer integrated with fluorophore substituted nucleosides to create a potent donor molecule. Tandem fluophores with long Stokes' Shift enable brighter, spectrally discrete, tunable fluorescent polymers as an alternative to traditional simple organic structures, protein-based fluorophores as well as the Horizon Brilliant™ family of fluorescent polymers from BD. NovaFluor Blue 610/30S is designed to be discreetly excited by the 488 nm laser and has an excitation peak at 496 nm and an emission peak at 614 nm. NovaFluor Blue 610/30S is smaller and dimmer than NovaFluor Blue 610/70S.



NovaFluor Blue 610 / 30S Conjugation Kits

Product Type Company/SKU Applications Size / Price Details
Conjugation Kit Thermo Fisher Scientific
Labeling 100 μg