MemBrite Fix 594/615 Dye Profile


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About MemBrite Fix 594/615

Biotium's MemBrite Fix and Membrite Fix-ST dyes are amine-reactive cell surface staining dyes that conjugate cell surface proteins to stain the outer membrane of live cells. A great benefit to these dyes is that MemBrite Fix dyes can withstand fixation and permeabilization which allows extracellular staining to be combined with intracellular staining techniques. Additionally, the MemBrite Fix-ST dyes (and MemBrite Fix 680/700) are compatible with super resolution microscopy and Fluorescence Microscopy techniques such as STORM. MemBrite Fix 594/615 has an excitaion peak at 594 nm and an emission peak at 615 nm and are recommended for use in fluorescence microscopy.