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About NucSpot 470

Biotium’s NucSpot 470 is a cell membrane-impermeant dye that is fluorescent upon binding DNA. Since it is cell membrane-impermeant, it can be used to counterstain nuclei of fixed cells, or stain nuclei in dead cells. Other similar DNA binding dyes will often stain the nucleus and cytoplasm, while NucSpot 470 is specific to the nucleus, decreasing background signal. The more general NucSpot family of dyes has a few more members that have different functions compared to NucSpot 470. NucSpot Far-Red is an alternative to 7-AAD and is similarly used for staining cells with compromised cellular membranes, while NucSpot Live dyes are cell membrane-permeant DNA stains used for live cell staining. Check out the other members of this dye line in FluoroFinder’s Dye Directory or on our Spectra Viewer.