eFluor 780 Fix Viability Dye Profile


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About eFluor 780 Fix Viability

eFluorâ„¢ 780 (eF780) Fixable Viability is an infrared-emitting viability dye that can be excited by the 633 nm red laser and collected using a 780/60 bandpass filter. eFluor 780 and has an excitation peak at 488 nm and and emission peak at 522 nm. This dye irreversibly stains dead cells with a robust fluorescence that is unaffected by washing, fixation, permeability treatments, or other staining. It is most commonly used for flow cytometry and is spectrally similar to FITC. This dye is part of the larger eFluor dye family, developed by eBioscience which is now part of ThermoFisher Scientific.