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About NucSpot Live 650

Biotium’s NucSpot Live Cell Nuclear Stains are cell-membrane permeant DNA dyes for staining nuclei in live or fixed cells. These dyes exhibit low toxicity and their high specificity for DNA allows for imaging without a wash step. Dyes in the NucSpot Live family include NucSpot Live 488 and NucSpot Live 650. The more general NucSpot family of dyes has a few more members that have different functions compared to these NucSpot Live dyes. The NucSpot 470 dye is cell membrane-impermeant and can only stain nuclei in fixed cells or dead cells, while NucSpot Far-Red is an alternative to 7-AAD and is similarly used for staining cells with compromised cellular membranes. Check out the other members of this dye line in FluoroFinder’s Dye Directory or on our Spectra Viewer.