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About CellBrite NIR680

Biotium's CellBrite Fix dyes are versatile amine-reactive dyes that are primarily used for live cell outer plasma membrane staining but can withstand fixation and detergent permeabilization. The unique benefit here is that since CellBrite Fix dyes can withstand permeabilization, extracellular staining can be combined with intracellular staining techniques. This dye line shares similarities with Biotium's MemBrite Fix and MemBrite Fix-ST line, but there are a few key differences. CellBrite Fix stains are easy to use and require a single staining step while MemBrite Fix dyes require a two-step staining protocol. While ease of use is important, MemBrite Fix and Membrite Fix-ST dyes have more colors to choose from and they do not associate with lipids in the membrane which leads to lower cytoplasmic background after permeabilization.