A new 21-monoclonal antibody 10-color panel for diagnostic polychromatic immunophenotyping

Erik H. L. P. G. Huys,Willemijn Hobo,Frank W. M. B. Preijers

PURPOSE: The 10-color panel consisting of 21 monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) is developed as a one-tube panel to detect leukemia and lymphoma cells in all hematopoietic cell lineages. In particular, this tube is mentioned for a fast screening to identify aberrant cells in samples suspected for malignant cell localization and to enable comprehensive immunophenotyping of samples with low cell counts.

CELL TYPE: Bone marrow, peripheral blood

MACHINE: Beckman Coulter Navios

Marker Target Clone Fluorophore Purpose
CD45 Human J33 Krome Orange WBC subpopulations
CD3 Human UCHT1 APC-Alexa 750 Mature T cells
CD4 Human SFCI12T4D11 PE-Cy7 Helper T cells, Monocyte lineage
CD8 Human B9.11 Pacific Blue Cytotoxic T cells, NK-cell subset
CD2 Human APC-Alexa 700 T-cell lineage, NK-cell subset
CD5 Human BL1a PE-Cy5.5 T-cell lineage, B-cell subset
CD7 Human 8H8.1 FITC T-cell lineage, T-cell activation, NK-cell subsets
CD16 Human B73.1 PE T-cell subsets, NK cells, monocyte differentiation, eosinophil exclusion, myeloid lineage
CD56 Human NCAM16.2 PE NK cells, plasma cell subset
CD19 Human ECD B-cell lineage
CD20 Human B9E9 Pacific Blue Mature B cells
Ig Kappa Light Chain Human APC B-cell subset, B-cell lineage clonality
Ig Lambda Light Chain Human PE B-cell subset, B-cell lineage clonality
CD138 Human B-B4 FITC Plasma cells
CD14 RMO52 ECD Mature monocytes
CD36 Human FA6.152 APC-Alexa 700 Monocyte lineage, erythroid lineage, megakaryocytes
CD33 Human D3HL60.251 PE-Cy5.5 Monocyte lineage, myeloid lineage
CD15 Human 80H5 Pacific Blue Myeloid lineage
CD34 Human 581 PE-Cy7 Progenitor cells
CD117 Human 104D2D1 APC Myeloid precursors
CD10 Human ALB1 APC-Alexa 700 B-cell precursors, mature neutrophils