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Dyes similar to eFluor 514 Calcium Sensor based on emission

5-CFDA 5-FAM AccuClear Acridine Orange Aldefluor ATTO 465 ATTO 488 BactoView Live Green BB515 BDY FL SE BDY FL-X SE BODIPY 500/510 BODIPY FL Brilliant Violet 510 Calcein AM Calcein Calcein Green Carboxyfluorescein CellBrite Fix 488 CellBrite Green CellROX Green CellTracker Violet CF440 CF488A CF500 CFSE Chromeo 488 CoraLite Plus 488 FITC Plus CPN510 Green Cy2 CytoTrace Green CMFDA CytoTrack Green DY-380XL DyLight 488 eFluor 506 eFluor 520 Fix Viability EFLUXX-ID Green eGFP Emerald GFP ExoBrite 490/515 EV Membrane Stain FDG Flash Phalloidin Green 488 Fluo-4 AM Fluo-4 FLUOFORTE Fluorescein Fura-2 (Ca2+free) FVS510 FVS520 GFP Ghost Dye Blue 516 Ghost Dye Violet 510 iFluor 488 Kaede (green) KikGR1 (green) KIRAVIA Blue 520 Live/Dead Fix Green Live/Dead Fix Scarlet Live-or-Dye 488/515 LysoBrite Green LysoTracker Green MagDot 525 Mag-Fluo-4 mAmetrine MaxLight 490 MemBrite Fix 488/515 MitoLite Green FM MitoTracker Green MitoView Green MultiDot 525 Neuro DiO NeuroVue Jade NL 493 NovaFluor Blue 510 NucSpot Live 488 Oregon Green 488 BAPTA Oxazole Yellow Oxazole Yellow Homodimer Oyster 488 PhenoVue 493 Lipid Stain PhenoVue 503 Lysosomal Stain PhenoVue Fluor 488 PromoFluor 488P ReadiLink 405-508 ReadiLink 492-516 Rhodamine 110 Rhodamine Green ROS-ID Green Seta-385-NHS Spectrum Green STAR 440SXP StarBright Blue 520 StarBright UltraViolet 510 StarBright Violet 515 STAR GREEN SureLight 488 SYBR Green Syto 16 Sytox Green TFAX 488 SE TFAX 488 TFP Thiazole Green T-Sapphire Viafluor CFSE Vio515 Viobility 405/520 Fixable Dye Viobility 488/520 Fixable Dye VioBright 515 VioBright FITC VioGreen VivaFix 408/512 VivaFix 498/521 VRDye 490 YO-PRO-1 YOYO-1 Zombie Aqua Zombie Green ZsGreen

About eFluor 514 Calcium Sensor

eFluorâ„¢ 514 (eF514) Calcium Sensor is a green-emitting calcium sensing dye that can be excited by the 488 nm blue laser and captured with a 525/50 bandpass filter. eF514 has an excitation peak at 490 nm and an emission peak at 514 nm, and is very similar spectrally and functionally to Fluo-3 AM and Fluo-4 AM, which are also calcium sensing dyes. This is a membrane-permeable calcium sensing dye that is used to monitor changes in calcium concentrations within the cell. eF514 can be used with applications such as flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy, or fluorescent imaging. This eFluor dye is unique in the sense that eFluor 514 is not associated with other products, it just exists as this calcium sensing dye product. This dye This dye is part of the larger eFluor dye family, developed by eBioscience which is now part of ThermoFisher Scientific.