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About APC-Fire 810

APC-Fire™ 810 is an infrared-emitting tandem fluorophore that combines allophycocyanin (APC) and Fire 810. The donor, APC, can be excited by the 640 nm red laser and transfers energy to the acceptor, Fire 810, which emits light that can be captured using a 780/60 bandpass filter. APC/Fire 810 has an excitation peak at 650nm and an emission peak at 807 nm, and is spectrally similar to APC-CF®770 (Biotium), APC-Cy® 7 (GE Healthcare) APC-H7 (BD Biosciences), APC-eFluor™ 780 (ThermoFisher Scientific), APC-Vio®770 (Miltenyi Biotec), APC-Fire™ 750 (BioLegend) and APC-Fire™ 810 (BioLegend). APC-Fire 810 is most commonly used in flow cytometry. On a 5-laser Cytek® Aurora, it has very limited spectral spillover into any other channel, so it can be assigned to any antigen with moderate to abundant expression and used in combination with any other fluorophore. This dye is very useful for detecting variably expressed markers, like markers of activation, since it emits so far outside of the autofluorescence range. The Fire™ tandem fluorophore dye line is developed and sold by BioLegend.