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Human NK-cell phenotypization

Yolanda D. Mahnke, Margaret H. Beddall, Mario Roederer Cytometry PART A, Volume 87, Issue 11, 986-988 (2015)

PURPOSE: The present panel was optimized to enumerate natural killer (NK) cells within peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and to determine their phenotype in terms of NK receptor and differentiation marker expression in healthy individuals. It works well with cryopreserved PBMC and we have observed similar results with fresh specimens. Other tissue types have not been tested (Table 1).



Marker Target Clone Fluorochrome Purpose
ccr7 Human 150503 PE-CF594 Differentiation
CD3 Human SK7 APC-H7 exclusion
NKp46 Human BAB281 PE-Cy5 NK receptor
CD4 Human OKT4 Brilliant Violet 605 exclusion
CD16 Human 3G8 Brilliant Violet 421 NK
CD56 Human HCD56 Brilliant Violet 570 NK
CD158 Human HP-MA4 FITC NK receptor
CD158b Human DX27 PE NK receptor
CD314 Human 1D11 PE-Cy7 NK receptor
CD337 Human p30-15 Alexa Fluor 647 NK receptor
Dead cells Human Live/Dead Fix Aqua Viability/exclusion
CD2 Human S5.5 PE-Cy5.5 NK
CD62L Human SK11 Alexa Fluor 680 Differentiation